Mother’s finest marble cake

Preparation Time: 60-90 minutes

Difficulty: super easy

This is probably the easiest cake ever.

You need just a few ingredients, you can find all around the world and an oven. This is the recipe for the basic cake:


300g Sugar

300g Flour

300g Butter

5 Eggs

kakao powder


1). Grease cake dish to remove the cake easy, when it´s baked.

2). Mix all dry ingredients and eggs, except the kakao powder,  together.

3). Now, take half of the dough out and mix in the kakao powder,

4). Put the dough with kakao powder, in the cake form and the other dough on top.

5). Now, mix around a little bit with a fork.

6). smooth and put it in the oven.

7). 160-170 degrees for 60-90 minutes.

8). To see if the cake is baked, prick the cake with a fork/knife/knitting needle  and when there is no dough sticking on the fork/knife/knitting needle, it’s done!

9). Let  the cake cool right down and enjoy it!

Now,  some tips to make this cake super special:

Add anything you want into the dough or to the dry ingredients. For example:

1). Oreo cakes,cherries, nice, crispy caramel  chocolate 

2). In the last 5 minutes add about 40-60 millilitres of;




Cherry Liquor

3). When the cake cools down, heat some chocolate and spread over the cake. 

4). Use your creativity to create your own MOTHER`S FINEST CAKE!

I would be happy to receive some pictures of your super creative and tasty versions of that cake 🙂


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