Nusa Penida – 10 reasons to check out the secret paradise!

Most of the people who are traveling around Bali visit some of the surrounding islands as well. They visit the Gilis (Trawangang, Meno and Air close to Lombok) , some of them go to Nusa Lembongang and Nusa Ceningan but almost none of them go to Nusa Penida, eventhough it is the biggest of those islands.


If you are looking for some good surf spots or if you just wanna party hard it´s definitely not the place to go. You won´t find fancy restaurants and cafés either. But if you want to get the real island feeling, just get lost and explore secret beaches – Nusa Penida should be on your bucket list! You can either take a fast boat to Nusa Penida from Sanur, which takes around 30 minutes (150,000 IDR – always bargain!) or you can take a ferry with your motor bike to explore the untouched island for 74,000 IDR. There´s a lot to do and to see on this island and here are my top 10:

1 Kelingking Secret Point

The locals recently built a railing down the cliff. It´s very steep and you should only go down if you´re an experience hiker. But then you are there – probably almost by yourself -at one of the most beautiful beaches…

9-6 Kopie

2 Check out the tree house views

Someone has built tree houses right in front of one of the most amazing views of the island. For a small fee (10.000 IDR) you can check out the gorgeous tree house view and two more viewpoints, which are very close. If you are looking for a unique place to stay you can book one of the tree houses as well. They are very basic but the view is worth a million dollars!

9-8 Kopie 2

3 Crystal Bay


Probably the best known beach on the island. Some daytrips from the surrounding islands go there as well, that´s why it can be a little bit crowded in the afternoon. But there is a reason for it – It´s probably one of the best snorkeling spots with tons of fish, intact corral reefs and crystal clear waters.

4 Athu Beach

Atuh Beach is an amazing beach with a beautiful scenic. Here you will find the shimmering turquoise waters, craggy mountain peaks, and stretches of white sands laid out perfectly in the curved beach. Good for snorkeling during low tide as well!

9-5 Kopie 2

5 Angel´s Billabong – A natural infinity pool

The road to get there is quite a pain in the ass but it is definitely worth it. Where else can you see such a beautiful natural infinity pool? (Maybe in Guatemala? 😉 )
If you want to go in there, stay at least 15m away from the edge and only go in there when the waves are low.

9-9 Kopie.jpg

6 Broken Beach

broken beach

Close to Angel´s Billabong, there´s a very special broken beach. From the “bridge” you can spot Manta Rays from above if you are lucky! (We´ve seen 6 when we were there!)

7 Check out the 200m Banah cliff view

The last few hundred meters on the “road” to the viewpoint is just riding on a grass field. When you see a luecke between the bushes at the end of the field, you should park right in front of it and walk the last 3m. Otherwise you jump down a 200m cliff with your scooter 😉

Nusa Penida does not only have beautiful beaches, it has a rough cliff side as well.

8 Sweet water pools in front of the ocean

9-5 Kopie 3

You should only visit the pools in the Tembeling Forest if you feel comfortable riding offroad with a scooter. Otherwise you can ask a local to bring you down there or just walk the last 2 km. It is a sacred temple with two sweet water pools, both of spiritual significance, one for men and one for women.Watch out for snakes, sometimes sea snakes get caught in the pool. They are not aggressive but quite dangerous if they bite you.

9 Drive around the island with a scooter and get lost!


Don´t plan anything, just grab your scooter and explore the beautiful empty and hilly roads with your scooter.

10 Go snorkeling or diving !

Mola Molas, Manta Rays, an Underwater Temple – There is a lot to see even under the water!

If you are planning to go to Nusa Penida, you should stay there for at least 4 days. That would be the amount of time you need to see my top 10 but there is much more to see on this island.

What are you waiting for? Get lost!

P.S.: You can find most of the spots on my StampTravel Account. Follow me there and you´ll see all the secret and hidden places !


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