Nusa Penida – 10 reasons to check out the secret paradise!

Most of the people who are traveling around Bali visit some of the surrounding islands as well. They visit the Gilis (Trawangang, Meno and Air close to Lombok) , some of them go to Nusa Lembongang and Nusa Ceningan but almost none of them go to Nusa Penida, eventhough it is the biggest of those islands….

Blue Fire – Hell on earth

I didn´t know that hell exists on earth- until I saw it. On the Mt Ijen. In Java,Indonesia. I went there with a friend by scooter from Bali. By the way, did you know that Indonesia has three different time zones? We drove up on about 1200 m altitude to the entrance of the Ijen…

A little bit of Indonesia

Just a small clip about my stop in Indonesia for 8 weeks on my trip around the world. Islands in this Film: – Java – Bali – Menjangan – Nusa Lembongan – Lombok – Gili Trawangan Enjoy! 🙂

Tune your scooter!

The best way to get around in Indonesia is definitely a scooter. The longer you rent it, the cheaper it gets per day. For a month I payed 1€/day, for two weeks 2€/day. Same same, but totally different. So, as soon as you got your scooter, you should “tune” it. This is what you need: A scooter…

Is that real?

Yes. These pictures were taken by me while traveling in Indonesia. This country is the biggest archipelago of the world with, regarding to LAPAN,  totally 18,307 islands; 8,844 of them have been named. But to see this small magical island you have to zoom in a little bit in google.maps . It´s part of an unspoiled national park 5 miles…