StampTravel – The Tripadvisor for backpackers

A few days ago, someone contacted me through Instagram and told me about StampTravel.

So far I wasn´t really convinced of the references on Tripadvisor. You can only find the main tourist attractions/restaurants and not the out of the box bars and secret places or local spots. StampTravel believes that friend´s recommendations instigate the best adventures. And so do I.

The application automates the process of sharing travel tips and location-based insight with your friends and favorite travelers. You can “stamp” any advice, trip, or recommendation that you would want your friend to know when in a specific location ( with a picture and a short description). You can also add stamps to your bucketlist. I´ve already created 33 stamps in 11 different countries and there are many more to come soon…

So if you want to know things such as :

  • Where to get the huge stamp in the picture of this article ( and two other stamps in Hawaii and Ecuador)
  • The cheapest way to go to Macchu Picchu
  • Where to find a local Hammock Boat in the heart of the Amazon rain forest
  • Where to see blue Lava in Indonesia
  • How to safe $100 and dive with the giant Mantas on the Big Island in Hawaii for free
  • Where to get close to the Lava like nowhere else

Follow my stamps : 2travelis2live

You can download the App here. And the best – it´s free!


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