In 1990, lava from Kilauea volcano engulfed the historic fishing village Kalapana as well as the famous black sand beach at Kaimu. Today there’s an entirely new coastline here and you can get close to the lava as nowhere else.

Located just east of Volcano National Park, Kalapana offers a good view of activity from Kilauea’s Puu Oo vent, the source of the volcano’s most recent activity and you can even see how the lava flow enters the ocean ( also possible by boat or helicopter)

The viewing area is normally open daily from3:00 to 9:00 p.m.,

The Kalapana viewing site is located at the end of Highway 130 in Puna and normally open daily from 3:00 to 9:00 pm. The round trip “hike”(walk) is about 5-10 miles (depending on the lava flow) and there are bikes for rent available.

It´s definitely worth to visit and probably the chance of a lifetime to see the birth of new life that close.

More informations about current conditions at Kilauea volcano and safety updates can be found here: – For daily Kilauea eruption updates, (808) 967-7328 – For the USGS Lava Viewing Safety Fact Sheet – For a live view of Halemaumau – For County of Hawaii Lava Viewing Information

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