POKAmax – The way to send your postcards!

Since there is WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram, most people stopped writing postcards. They rather send pictures, snaps or post pictures on their social networks. That´s a bit sad, because everyone likes to receive a postcard once in a while.

I am using POKAmax for more than three years now and I´ve sent more than 100 postcards so far. It´s more personal, cheaper, easier and safer than to send regular postcards. More personal, because you can use your own pictures. Cheaper than buying stamps and a postcard abroad. Easier, because you don´t have to handwrite each one (You can safe the postcards as a draft and resend them) and you can send the postcards from everywhere. And safer, because you can be 99% sure that your friends will receive them.

You can download the POKAmax App here . If you log in with your Google or Facebook Account, you will receive the first postcard for free!

The last postcard I´ve sent from Hawaii.
You can also send them as a greeting card (No extra cost if you buy them from your postcard balance)
A Postcard from Macchu Picchu –  My grandparents thought I wrote it by hand 😉
If you´re planning a long trip buy many of them – and safe up to 40%!

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