The Hammock Boat in the Amazon (I)

I was in Patagonia, South of Chile, when I´ve heard the fist time about the boat.

A girl I´ve met trough couchsurfing told me, that a friend of her was traveling with it.

With that local boat. Full of hammocks. 7 days into the heart of the Amazon.

Unfortunately she couldn´t tell me more  but it was enough for me to get really curious about it. So I did some research and actually did not find many informations about it. All the reports where quite old and no one was really sure how long the trip takes (3-4 days downriver and 6-8days upriver) and how often the boats are running between Manaus and Leticia.

But at least there were some informations about it so I just booked a flight. Around 1 month later, and after 8 crazy nights of Carneval in Rio de Janeiro, I went on the plane to Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state Amazonas.

I wanted to go to the port and take the boat straight on the next day but my couchsurfer there convinced me to stay at least for 3 days to recover from the last nights. This was actually not the worst idea and gave me the time to change all my plans again. So instead of crossing all the Amazone to Peru he advised me to fly from the border triangle up to Colombia. Luckily he had some knowledge about how to find incredible cheap flights, so I just booked some more Flight Tickets. Leticia-Bogota for 50$ and Bogota<->Cartagena for 25 $ some days later. Perfect.

In the meantime ,I found out that the boats are leaving 2-3 times a week , the price is not very variating  and negotiating is nearly impossible. Honestly, there was no reason to complain about the price: 90$ for 7 nights including 3 meals a day (+15-25$ for a hammock, if you´re not already traveling with one). My boat was called ITAPURANGA.




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  1. Iris B. says:

    wow! mit so einem boot mag ich auch mal fahren, das klingt unglaublich aufregend!!
    Liebe Grüße, Iris


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