For a weekend in Malta

Last weekend, my girlfriend came over to visit me on the island.

We only had two full days to discover Malta and Gozo so I thought it would be the best to rent a quad for that time.

The bus system in Malta is still in its development phase and the combination of traffic and the crappy roads here make it the best way of transport.

Here are some pictures of our quad trip:

Cliffs Malta
We started our trip on the highest point of Malta at the cliffs near Dingli
Blue Grotto
After that, we stopped by the blue grotto
Golden Bay
From there we went to Gnejna Bay and walked to Golden Bay and back
The next stop was the famous Popeye Village.
Sunset Malta
After laying on the beach on the other side we drove a little bit up to enjoy the beautiful sunset.
On the next day we went to Gozo with our drone (Check out our video)
We stopped by a secret cave (facing the Calypso Cave)
From there you have a beautiful view over Rambla Bay
Salt fields GOZO.jpg
After that, we made some drone shots at the salt fields and went to probably the most famous spot of Gozo:
On the one side you can see stunning cliffs…
…. and on the other side you see the azur window (Not anymore, it collapsed on 09/03/17)
And right in the middle, you see the sun 🙂

Other spots we checked out and we can highly recommend:

Fontanella Tea Garden in the medieval town Mdnina –  From here you have a beautiful view overlooking almost the whole island.

Good Thaimes A bar where you can start your night with good and affordable Thai Food.

Funky Monkey A nice party location located on Manoel Islandnot far from Good Thaimes.

Saddles Check out the weekly couchsurfing meeting here – Every Friday at 9pm

St Peters Pool A local swimming spot, in the summer months there are BBQ couchsurfing events as well

Valetta The capital of Malta and one of the most beautiful capitals in the world

Try Pastizzis! A pastizz is a traditional savoury pastry from Malta. They usually have a filling either of ricotta or mushy peas (You can find some with Chicken or Nutella as well )

Here´s a video I made during my stay in Malta:


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  1. dorie says:

    Aaaaww, beautiful pictures. Lovely 🙂
    Best wishes!


    1. Corbigram says:

      Thank you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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