The Big Island of Hawaii – the perfect place for your first skydive

I just had my first Tandem Skydive experience in Hawaii and it was insane!
The Big Island is not known for this adrenalin rush yet, but since 2016, BIG Island Gravity LLC  is offering Skydiving from Upolu Airport.

Every skydive includes a flightseeing tour over the Kohala Coast, the seven sacred Valleys, and the wild grasslands of Waimea prior to exiting with one of their professional skydiving instructors from over 12,000’ altitude. The instructors are very experienced with more than 3000 jumps each.

When we went above the clouds with our plane I could see the Mauna Kea (The white mountain), Hawaiians tallest vulcano on the one side and Maui on the other side.

After almost one minute of freefall, my instructor let me “control” the parachute for a few curves and we could see humpback whales from above. All in all an unreal experience!



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  1. dorie says:

    Wow, how amazing is this?! I wan to do this one time in my life! It looks and sounds exciting 🙂
    Love, Dorie


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