A walk along the west coast



Last week, I wanted to “cross a country” from south to north by walking.

I organized a couchsurfing event to do it, but the weather forecast said 70% probability of rain and thunderstorm, that´s why I cancelled it. However,  the weather was beautiful and sunny that day….

The next day, unfortunately no one had time to join me,  I just started by myself.

I woke up at 6.30am in the morning and took the next bus to Marsaxlokk .

At 8.30 I started to walk. I knew that I´m always right, as long as the sea is on my left hand side, so it was quite easy to keep going into the right direction. I also tried a free application called Wikiloc to track my walk . It´s really practical and with that you can avoid reaching an impasse.

After 3 hours, I reached the Blue Grotto and made my lunch break.


I´ve met a nice girl from France there, who followed me for the next 1,5 hours. After that, I reached the Zurrieq Walk , a 12 km hike along the stunning cliffs of Dingli. This is actually the highest point of the maltese archipelago.

GOPR0088 Kopie.JPG

It already went dark and the last time I´ve met people on my way was more than three hours ago. When I´ve finally met a hiker, he told me that I have to turn back because the way ends in the direction I´m going to. I didn´t accept that as an answer and walked forward.

GOPR0107 Kopie.JPG

I passed beautiful sandstone formations and a huge Stone-Egg, but at the end I didn´t find a way to go further. Then I saw two lithuanians trying to jump over a small cliff and I just asked them if they have any Idea what they are doing there and if they know a way out of here. In fact, one of them was working self employed as a tourist guide and knew the area really well because of that. He showed me a hidden path to go further north, but at the same time he told me that I wouldn´t make it because it will get dark soon. Only if I would go across a 5 million $ estate.

GOPR0109 Kopie.JPG

The sun already set in that moment and after they encouraged me a little bit, I ran down the hill and all the way up again, passing 20 sign saying “STOP” “NO ENTRY” and “PRIVATE”.

After I reached the villa, I climbed over the wall and was happy that I´ve made it out of the estate without any problems. I passed beautiful beaches on my last kilometers, but it was quite hard to keep the orientation in the night.

Finally, after 10 hours walking, I reached Golden Bay and went straight into the sea for revival.

After that, the really nice lithuanians picked me up by car and we shared a whole rabbit, snails and beers together in a restaurant. It felt like heaven.



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