Longueil-Annel; The Ghost Town

After 119km driving and 3 nights wild camping in the waterways of France, a part of the ship engine broke in the lock of Janville in Longueil-Annel.

The material damage was estimated at approximately €5000 by german mechanics a few weeks ago. That was more than the cost of the boat itself. Dirk already wanted to scuttle the Fidelio in the l´Oise.

To get a better mood we wanted to go for a coffee and have a nice walk around the city. We discovered that the abandoned town is used as a boat cemetery.

According to wikipedia there are more than 2000 people living there but it seems that they never leave the house. While walking around, we finally met someone who told us that there is a boatyard and they can probably help us. After checking the damage, the mechanic offered to repair it until sunday for €1300, including the reparation for another broken engine part. Perfect.

So what to do in this town?

To get an impression about the mood I had when I was going through Longeil-Annel, I made a small video. Don´t take it to serious 😉



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