Massive Discount for Travelers

When I travelled to Chile from New Zealand, I had my first Jetlag ever (after 100+ flights) . My departure time in Auckland was 4.15pm and after a 11:47 hours flight, I arrived in Santiago at  11.35am. On the same day. Makes no sense to me . It´s like a time machine. Back to the past.

And when I went out of the plane I had a temperature shock as well: From 20°C up to 42°C. My first thought was, what the f*** I am doing here with the huge and massive -18°C sleeping bag I brought from Hong-Kong. I have to get rid of it.

Some days later, I was walking around  and saw this massive skyscraper: The first supertall building in Southamerica with more than 300m hight and impossible to overlook: The Costanera Center.


Honestly I am not a big fan of shopping and I have no idea why I ended up in there.

When I was looking for a nice allrounder sleeping bag for a moderat price in one of the outdoor shops, I tried to negotiate a little bit because it was over my budget. The salesman told me that they have fix prices, but I can go downstairs and they will give me a special brochure for tourists and I will get a big discount. So that´s what I did. And it was so easy. You just go to the onTour desk, give them your passport for a minute and you´ll receive a “discount guide” ( outdoor shops 10-25%).

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So if you are planning to travel around Southamerica for a few month, I would recommend you to do Patagonia as the final destination (to avoid heavy luggage) and to buy a high quality sleeping bag in one of those shops. I got my travel sleeping bag for 35$ and I´m still using it (0° Limit). If you want down feather filling it´s around 200-250$ and the size of them is incredible handy (highly recommended if you have some money left for it).




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