An unforgettable Roadtrip (I)

Because I spent to much time in Colombia, which was not planned, I had to rush a bit from Quito in Ecuador down to Buneos Aires in Argentina:

8000km without taking a plane in about 5 weeks.

Although it was quite a rush, I had an amazing time.


Quito, the capital of Ecuador, was the Start.

I´ve met a friend there, who was an exchange student from one of my friends in Germany a couple of years ago.

La Mitad del Munda ( The center of the world) is actually NOT the center of the world…the yellow line there was calculated wrong and the equator line is actually 250m away from there

That´s why we went to the real center of the world and the Intinan museum.

Don´t forget to bring your passport to get a 00°,00°,00° stamp 🙂

The entrance of the museum costs 3$ and you get a very interesting tour for free. You learn a lot about the different Ecuadorian tribes, flora and fauna and they will show you some stunning experiments you only can do on the equator line.

The process of making a shrunken head. It´s a human head that is shrunk through a cooking process by members of the Jivaroan tribes of the northwestern region of the Amazon rain forest
A view point close to the Intinan Museum

The next day we drove to Cotopaxi together. With 5897m it is the second highest mountain of Ecuador and  the third highest active vulcano in the world. The mountain was honored as a “Sacred Mountain” by the Inkas. It was worshiped as “rain sender”, that served as the guarantor of the land’s fertility, and at the same time its summit was revered as a place where gods lived.

Me and Roberto 🙂 By the way, the average height in Ecuador is just 1.63m

Unfortunately it was very cloudy and when we startet to hike up to the summit it even started to snow and we had to stop (we forgot to bring some water as well).

Green, Red, Black and White are the main colors around the Cotopaxi

Anyway, it was a great trip and the landscape was just breathtaking.

On the third day , I´ve met a couchsurfer from Cuenca with whom I wanted to hitchhike to his hometown in the south of the country the next day.We visited the old town of Quito and visited the Basilica del Voto Nacional, which is the third highest building of the country. When we went up one of the towers of the church, I found a way to climb up to the very top.


It was my first roofing experience ever and it felt just great.

The next day, Fernando and me started hitchhiking to Salcedo, which is famous for its ice cream.


After we enjoyed a stick of delicious ice cream we jumped into a pick up which took us to our next culinary stop : The pig market in Rio Bamba.

Everyone there sells only pork dishes and it´s quite funny how the market woman try to convince you to order your food at their store 😉

From Rio Bamba we took a bus to Cuenca and finally arrived at Fernandos family house in the late evening.

We went to an electronic music festival the next day and had a great and long night before I had to continue my way to Peru the next day already…..

some street art in Cuenca



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