Last weekend, I went to a festival called Earthgarden in the National Park Ta Qali.

Earthgarden remains the local green festival that voices care for the environment through Arts, Music, Culture in a holistic way.

I don´t remember any festival which had such as good vibes as this one.

I spent there two of three days (15€ for a 3 day ticket without camping) until early in the morning and met almost all people I knew from Malta 🙂

On the last night, I got a lift from some musicians and artists who joined the festival as well. They invited me to hang out with them and at the end I got a lift straight home and a CD for free from Banjo Rancho, who played with his Band The Ranch at the festival- you should check them out! Their music is a very unique mix of Rock and Jazz.

My friend Khim took some nice pictures at the festival. I hope you enjoy them  🙂



Klick here to see more pictures of the festival 🙂


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