El Mirador – 5 days Jungle Trek to the biggest Mayan Pyramid on Earth


El Mirador is one the oldest Maya cities and has the biggest pyramid in the world (El Dante). It is located deep in the northern jungle of the Petén region.You can do either a 5 day or 6 day Trek starting from Flores in Guatemala.

My Trip

I could not extend my stay in Tulum after new years eve because the prices went crazy and the place totally overcrowded. So I decided to go straight to Guatemala. I took a bus from Tulum down to Chetumal, a town close to the border. The drive down to Guatemala was actually way easier than I expected. There are shuttles going down every day from Chetumal via Belize City to Flores (for ca. 30-40$ with A/C and Wifi on board). During this 8 hour bus ride I finally had some time to google about Guatemala and what the country has to offer. After a while I´ve read something about a trek through the jungle to the biggest mayan pyramid in the world. I asked another guy from Canada if he ever heard about it. He denied but was really motivated to do it as well. I´ve met some other travelers from Denmark and Germany who also wanted to do it, so on the next morning we planned our trip. The hostel we were staying in ( The Green Monkey) was offering everything you could ask for in Guatemala (They also organized my Trip from Mexiko to Guatemala) and made us a really good deal. We´ve heard from people that you could do it with camping equipment on your own but I didn´t bring mine this time and I was quite afraid of snake bites as well.

Our trip included:

• Four nights accommodation and camping (camping gear, hammocs, mosquito nets and blanquets)

• All your meals (4 breakfasts, 5 lunch meals, 4 dinners, and purified water)- The food was actually really good and had quite a variety 🙂
• Authorized guide certified by (Ingua Istituto Guatemalteco de Turismo/ Guatemalan Institute of Tourism) – spanish speaking only

• Mules for the carrying of our luggage and food.

• Cooks with experience and knowledgeable of the area.

• Assistant for support of the travelers.

• Muleteer responsible for the mules.

• First aid kit, it includes an anti-venom kit.- that´s actually the reason why I didn´t want to do by my own.

What is necessary to bring by your own:

– a small backpack to carry your water and additional snacks/sunscreen and everything you need while walking

– everything else well packed in a plastic bag or another backpack so that it doesnt get wet in case it rains (this one is for the muli and you will get it back every evening)

– head torch (to look for spiders in the dark!)

– clothing for both warm and cold climate

– There is 2 sites where you can shower for Q10

– Repellent against all types of insects (mosquitoes, ants, including ticks), Anti Malaria Pills if you have

– Camera + batteries!

– Hiking shoes or good walking shoes/ Sandals for the shower and when on the camping site

– Plasters in case of blisters.

– Long pants and socks to protect yourself from ant bites.

While walking through the jungle (after the first day the trek is getting wider and easier to walk) you´ll see a lot of wild animals if you´re lucky. The crew will constantly offer you some food like watermelons/sandwiches and cook you delicious meals for breakfast and dinner and the guide will show you some other mayan Ruins on the way as well. But I don´t want you to tell too much, pictures say more than thousand words:

Watch out which trees you touch while walking through the jungle!


A wild turkey – you will see a lot of them on the campsites. They hide in the trees at night.
Some animals are hard to see – like this ca 25cm big butterfly…
… or this small caterpillar.
Don´t forget to look for spiders in the dark!
A huge Python which we´ve seen on the first day.


A Gum Tree.
Jungle, Jungle, Jungle everywhere you look.
Our crew 🙂


A huge tailless scorpion we found inside an old mayan cemetery.


One of the lakes we passed by – they said a crocodile lives in there.





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  1. Interesting and nice fotos of the jungle.
    Never had the oportunity visit this region.

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