El Paredon – Surfing on the black coast of Guatemala

When I went to Guatemala, I didn´t even think about surfing and it wasn´t planned at all.
But the flip flops of my girlfriend broke so we stopped by the BeachCo. Guatemala store in Antigua. The stuff there was incredible friendly and we got to know the owner as well, who explained as all the good surf spots around Guatemala and El Salvador.

They are specialised in surf trips and learn to surf adventures and offered us a really good deal for two nights in El Paredon –  a surf spot on the black coast of Guatemala.

The surf spot itself is only a few years old, there are waves for beginner (beachbreak, good whitewater waves) and professionals (El Paredon means “The big wall” in spanish, as soon as you are in the water you´ll see what it means 😉 ) depending on the daytime. The hostel we stayed in is called Driftwood Surfer Hostel ; from playing Beerpong on a surfboard in the swimming pool to a nice chill out area directly at the beach, really delicious food and nice stuff they have everything you could ask for.

All in all, we had an amazing time there and if you will ever go to Guatemala: Plan a trip at the black coast as well!

Best start in the day with some fluffy pancakes
Beerpong in the pool
Fish and chips
Sunset surf 



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