Acatenango – A hike you will remember for your lifetime

Acatenango (3976m) is definitely a must do trip in Guatemala.

Next door Volcan de Fuego is the world’s most consistently erupting volcano, and with some luck, it is possible to see Fuego erupt at night (That´s why you should do a 2 day tour to get the most from the hike). It is a tough hike up steep slopes with loose volcanic rocks and the altitude can be a challenge for some, but at the end it was not as tough as I expected. For someone with hiking experience it shouldn´t be a big problem.

We payed only 125 Quetzales for our tour ( what is not even 16€). It was pretty basic but the guide was really knowledgable (climbed the Acatenango more than 560 times already) and the service provided was alright. We had to carry everything by our own and I would highly recommend you to rent some warm winterjacket and gloves as well.

Here´s what was included in our tour:

  • Guided 2 day Tour to Acatenango
  • Shuttle from Antigua and back
  • Food (1 Yoghurt, 2 Bananas, 2 Sandwiches, Instant Noodles, 2 Eggs)- I would recommend you to bring some nuts and power bars as well
  • NO Water (remember that you will need some water for hot chocolate and your instant noodle as well; 2,5 l was enough for me but most of the people had 3-4l each)
  • Hot Chocolate in the night and Mocacchino in the morning (that probably depends on the guide)
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Tent

That´ what you should rent before you go (There will be plenty of opportunities on the way):

  • Warm Winter Jacket (25 Quetzales)
  • Gloves ( 10 Quetzales)
  • Walking Stick  ( 5 Quetzales)
  • Hat ( 10 Quetzales)




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  1. interessanter Artikel und schoene Bilder vor allem vomm Vulkan. Saludos

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